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 China Life Caregarden Experience Centre, 

The program draws inspiration from the theory of Chinese painting creation, focusing on writing and creating a cultural atmosphere; the architectural style and planning draws on elements of Chinese gardens, but combines them with modern minimalist style, using simple, quality, humanistic, language to interpret the cultural heritage of living.

Influenced by the Chinese cosmology of "unity of heaven and earth", the concept of "in" in the courtyard is invoked in the building. The overall traditional Chinese enclosed space is optimized, and the "courtyard", "corridor" and "hall" of the functional space of the exhibition area are carefully presented and linked in sequence through the landscape pattern and human action lines. The landscape pattern and pedestrian lines carefully present and link up the functional spaces of "courtyard", "corridor" and "hall" in the exhibition area in sequence, so that the landscape experience will be different with each progression of space.

The whole space is fully opened in this design, and the proportion and scale of the central courtyard are strictly refined to achieve a space form that is enclosed but not blocked, open but not empty, so that people in the courtyard very naturally have a sense of stay, a pure heart and a faraway ambition. The bottom of the main surface is slightly upward, which has a symbolic meaning like the sailing of a sail.

The colonnade and grille are appropriately treated, and the building facade features a horizontal and vertical changing faux wood metal grille, which contrasts with the lower transparent glass curtain wall and the overall faux wood metal ceiling of the roof. The wooden ceiling continues from the interior to the exterior, naturally extending the interior space to the exterior.

The project uses the three main elements that are extracted from a large number of abstract Chinese paintings to express the characteristics of Jiangnan architecture: white walls, tiles and abstract color blocks.

The architectural details have been carefully scrutinized many times and highlighted the extraordinary quality of the project with concise and finely crafted details. Traditional architectural elements and visual impressions are combined with modern spatial concepts and construction techniques, while the design breaks through many traditional practices of Chinese architecture with concise design, clean lines and competent forms, presenting a new Chinese architecture with quite a cultural temperament.

The simple metallic dark gray columns under the projecting eaves on both sides of the building precisely define an architectural gray space that gradually moves from the interior space to the exterior space, full of transition and continuity.

The central landscape area, as the visual center of the building and landscape, is designed with a rich sense of hierarchy, consisting of trees of different heights, landscape stones, pavilions, and infinite landscape pools, and layered paving design, reflecting the elegant and fresh modern Chinese landscape, with the corresponding white walls and landscape trees hidden in the distance, and the lotus flowers and tree shadows in the near under the reflection of the central courtyard pool, painting a landscape painting with oriental flavor, where nature, culture and architecture merge together.

Land AREA: 7984.82 square meters

Total GFA: 2500 square meters
Site Location: Sanya, Hainan
Function: Exhibition Experience Center
Status:  Project Completed

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