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Banling Experience Centre, Sanya

The project is located in the center of the retirement and health area of Half Ridge Hot Spring Resort in the north of Sanya City, holding the key to enter the mountainous area. The whole building is divided into two parts according to the function and operation requirements, connected by the main entrance porch, which adopts the shape of Hainan local boat house, while the main body introduces the sea bird sweeping clouds as the intention to shape the roof, finally realizing the surprise effect that under the cover of the mountains and trees, the building is vaguely seen like a flying bird spreading its wings and soaring in the forest, and as the road meanders, the porch with great regional characteristics suddenly jumps into the eyes.

The project is designed with the viewer's visual perception in mind: looking east from the porch, the cave of the falling pen stands in the center of the view; looking southwest, there is a beautiful courtyard surrounded by shallow water, grass and green trees. The natural and man-made scenery intermingles here to complement the architecture.

Each of the two wings of the project undertakes two major functional areas: one is the exhibition and experience area, including three functions, such as the display of the senior citizen model room, community medical service experience, sales reception and office. The second is the hot spring health area, including hot spring bathing, catering services, health and recreation and other functions.

The building as a whole is based on providing the external display of different senior living products and supporting services of the whole area, and the added value of the products is accentuated by experiential items such as medical care and hot spring health care, while the future independent operation of medical services and hot spring health care is also considered, so that the building provides full-cycle services for the sales and operation of the whole area.

Community medical service experience: Bringing together medical checkups, treatment of untreated diseases, daily medical care and health recovery treatment, introducing the advanced management and operation experience of Taiwan MJ Medical Checkup, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other institutions to build Haiyun Health Management Center, equipped with professional physicians sitting on site, using "Chinese medicine meridian detector, arteriosclerosis detector, mental stress analyzer We use professional testing instruments such as "Chinese medicine meridian detector, arteriosclerosis detector, mental stress analyzer" to provide health monitoring for our guests.

According to the monitoring situation of the guests, we analyze their health conditions and make personalized health advice, so as to realize the real "worry-free old age, happy old age, healthy old age, intelligent old age and customized old age", and dedicate to our customers a "one-stop comprehensive service ecosystem for the whole cycle of healthy old age. "

Hot spring leisure club: Using the mountain topography and natural radon spring conditions, combined with the landscape, create a hot spring experience valley integrating indoor and outdoor hot springs for leisure and recreation and health, as the pearl of the half-ridge hot spring resort area, radiating the whole area.

Product display area: It displays the household type products under different old-age care modes in the master plan, such as apartment-type home retirement, villa-type home or residence-type retirement, hotel-type residence-type retirement, and institutional care-type retirement, etc. The 1:1 model room and future service module are created, which is a window for customers to understand the project in depth.

Land AREA: 500 acres

Total GFA: 60,000 square meters
Site Location: Sanya, Hainan
Function: Elderly real estate showcase, Elderly medical experience, Spa leisure and wellness
Status: Phase I of the project including the spa area has been completed

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