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Atlantis Resort, Grenada

The resort will be the heart of the development, offering day-to-night activities for every guest. It will include a five-star branded family resort, a natural beach lagoon, a luxury leisure center, and luxury hotel residence with modern amenities.

The resort is adjacent to the world-class wellness facilities and the commercial street, and will be directly connected to the beautiful wetland parks and the Caribbean Sea, both visually and by transit.


Luxury resort apartments guide guests to another world - a perfect tropical paradise to unwind and forget the hassles.  These upscale serviced apartments side family resorts and are central to the resort's core activities, with the wellness Center and Marina Bay town within walking distance.  

Tourist will find a welcome centre for holiday condominiums and recreational facilities - including a dedicated swimming club and tropical gardens.  All apartments have views of the Caribbean Sea outside the Wetland Park or the stunning Intermountain National Park and forest preserve. 

The project will aim to improve and protect the environment and promote socially integrated and economically sustainable development. Natural and environmentally friendly hydro and light energy resources will be used to minimize waste and carbon emissions. Infrastructure, transportation, management and support facilities will be integrated to reduce environmental impacts, preserve natural resources and set the standard for sustainable development in Grenada as a best practice. 

The architectural design strategy takes full advantage of natural ventilation and natural lighting as a starting point to create its own microclimate. Supplemented with solar photovoltaic curtain wall integration power generation technology, combined with ground source heat pump system to achieve effective conversion between light, electricity and geothermal energy, creating a true zero carbon energy saving urban living room, storing energy for urban power, meeting the power supply around the project and solving the problem of local power shortage.

Land area: 47,600 square meters

Total GFA: 60,300 square meters

Site Location: Hartman, Grenada

Status: Under Construction

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