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Guangming Scientists Valley Urban Planning, Shenzhen

We will build a diversified scientific research platform that adapts to the future development of the city, to realize the platform construction of virtual space and real space discovering more possibilities for the future.

With the layout of scattered gardens, we will build the world's most dynamic science and technology center, and cultivate and expand the new economy with ecological and environmental planning that can attract cutting edge intellectual property resources.

We imagine the Science Valley as a series of archipelagos made up of petals, with a complex cluster of relatively independent and open interconnections.

Construct a super campus style ecological adaptive scientist park for cultural exchanges, technological innovation, and assistance in development.

Conforming to the planning of the site, the dissolved edge, and the ecological sustainable governance, the Scientist Valley can connect nature and the city to the greatest extent, and with the attitude of a park, combined with the needs of industry, enterprises and talents.

It will incorporate leisure, business and life services, and truly realize the vision of a new industrial community of 4.0 that "the park can be strolled, the building can be read, the space has temperature, and the service is zero distance".

The landscape flows naturally in and out, creating a wonderfully interactive public realm of rooftop gardens, stepped stacked floodplains and meandering wetland parks, and serves as a fluid medium between urban and natural systems.

Under the natural ontology of this intertwined technology, intelligent ecosystems, 5G big data, and the Internet of Things provide possibilities for cooperation between various technologies and industries, where people can better interact and communicate , creating an interaction and connection matrix inherent in the central green axis.

Total GFA: 320,000 square meters

Site Location: Shenzhen, China

Function: Science and technology center

Status: Under design

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