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Sanxingdui Cultural Tourism Development Plan

Project vision: A new business card of Chinese culture; A new landmark of Sichuan tourism; A world cultural tourism demonstration area.

Leading the globalized consumption hotspot of cultural tourism, attracting the world's attention and imagination, solving the infinite mystery of Sanxingdui and exploring the unknown universe of mankind.

Follow the ancient Chinese wisdom of making a city before there was writing. This cosmology of "forming an image in the sky and taking shape on earth" has influenced Chinese culture for thousands of years.

A diversified composite tourism industry system integrating cultural experience, cultural performance, theme amusement, cultural creativity and other functions.

To immerse the experience and other ways to create a new business model and new scenes, enrich the night tour products of Sanxingdui Cultural Tourism, to retain customers and promote the development of the night economy. 

Great civilizations should be a bit mysterious, Chinese culture is too clearly recorded, fortunately we have Sanxingdui.

It attracts the world's attention because of its mystery and curiosity. In the planning and design of this project, the mystery must not be ignored, and should be more fully reflected to achieve the maximum value of the project. Follow the planning principles like heaven, law and earth. "The stars are above the land, foretelling the future that the land will bear; the land is under the stars, interpreting the history contained in the stars.

The planning is aimed at the wisdom of ancient Shu x internationalization. The planning pattern of the 28 stars in the nine states recreates the earliest cosmology of human beings looking up at the stars, and metaphorically "sleeping for thousands of years, once awake, the world will be surprised".

Land area: 1670,000 square meters

Site Location: Guanghan, Sichuan

Function: Cultural tourism; Cultural experience; Theme amusement

Status: Under design

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