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海棠湾国寿嘉园逸境养老开发项目 - China Life "Care Garden" at Haitang Bay, Sanya

用地面积:119030.08 平方米

总建筑面积: 125000平方米





Land area: 119,030.08 square meters

Total GFA: 125,000 square meters

Site Location: Haitang Bay, Sanya

Client: China Life (Sanya) Health Investment Co., Ltd.

Function: Rehab Centre, Resort, villa, Medical Health            District,Health Club

Status: On Site since March 2017

China Life "Care Garden" is located in the northeastern coastal area of Sanya City, Hainan Province, 28 kilometers away from downtown Sanya. It has natural resources and conditions for high-end vacation, old-age health and health management.
"Care Garden" follows positioning of “big healthy leader, worthy of the health care service provider”, realizing the comprehensive coverage from finance to industry, insurance to service, and proposes nine major concepts of "Clothing, food, housing, travel, literature, entertainment, thinking, enjoyment, health", which are combined to form a unique living park for comprehensive health management, leisure health and intelligent culture, providing an all-round care for the elderly.
The design is inspired by the rich natural background of Sanya. The building should be naturally approachable as the harmonious notes of the surrounding hills, ocean and sky, integrated into the natural environment and urban texture, and become part of the humanities.
The main building form that faces the street looks like a palm, symbolizing care, solicitude and warmth. At the same time, it spreads from the inside out, maximizing the visual environment and introducing the landscape into the space of the building to form the architectural landscape. We also use this concept to interpret our design vision for the project.
As an island, Hainan's earliest residents are naturally good at shipbuilding. They use the bottom of the ship to build a roof to prevent wind and rain, and slowly evolve into the habits of traditional residents. We took the inspiration of the local vernacular architecture, and formed the building form based on the culture, the natural context, and the urban texture.
We believe that the best building color is the color of nature. In the choice of palette, the project uses as many original local colors as possible, or the original color of the material itself to maintain the harmony of nature. The main color of the building is chosen to be the local timber,limestone, and the details are decorated with volcanic rocks and etc.
The realization of China Life "Care Garden" is aim to transfer our design value to the community, enable more people to participate, to perceive, to use the space we create to encourage social interaction, to influence the human body, to create a new way of life. This is our design philosophy and original intention. The project has planned cultural facilities such as the golden-age college, and through the mutual exchanges between the elders, to form a circle of friends, thus enriching the lives of the elderly and forming a living neighborhood community. At the same time, it is equipped with high-end scientific medical technology, establishing a fast medical green channel, and one-stop solution to the life problems of long home distance living, which can bring a feeling of homeland.