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India Cultrual Metrix 

The project is in Greater Noida; part of the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), India. A 62,750 square meter mixed use area that is part of an integrated IT development, combining institutional commercial recreational and residential creation, with a built potential of approx 175,000 square meters. 

Our teams enthusiastic response to this challenging and inspiring project has been to harness experience of cultural and modern matrix, and to propose a landmark building celebrating a unique, iconic, ecological and build-able structure for the prosperous future of Greater Noida.

The design is based on the architecture reference back to the infinity intelligence and the stereotypical symbols in early Indian history. The form of the building is featured to follow a Mobius strip revealed by the site boundaries.

A natural sloping loop is generated from lower level of northeast up towards higher levels of southwest to harmonize the flow of energy according to Vastu Purushan. The façade design approaches a diagrid system, which is derived from the images of Indian Arch. 

Within each panel, a united vision of fill and void with jaali spandrel over the glass panel acts as a privacy screen between IT offices and service apartments, and offers a prospect view towards the river to west.

A transition zone between the site and the architecture is crafted with a sunken green belt incorporating cooling water features and high quality soft landscaping. The ecological experience repeats at top floors and forms a green corridor runs along the roof and loops around whole scheme.

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