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Ocean Sonic Resort, Sanya

The project is located in Half Ridge Hot Spring Resort in the northern part of Sanya City, which is one of the first opening areas of the pension and health care section. The project site contains four parcels, BL-04-04, BL-04-08, BL-04-11 and BL-04-12, which are located at the entrance of the whole Half Ridge Hot Spring Resort, surrounded by mountains with altitudes of 110~350m in the east and west and the flat urban land in the south. 

The natural topography within the project site is divided into two parts: one is the flat land on the east side, which is naturally connected with the surrounding municipal roads; the other is the sloping land on the west side, which is separated from the east side by the current irrigation ditch.

As a demonstration area of senior living model, the project provides rich senior living products and reasonable layout organization to create a senior living community with convenient living, relatively independent and not disconnected from the society. At the same time, it provides various sales modes such as traditional sales, time-share sales and right-to-occupy sales to meet different customer needs. The project design incorporates Haiyun senior living and hotel service system to achieve the overall positioning: all-age health community + rehabilitation care center + hotel commercial support.

The CCRC is a residential and nursing care center for people who need assistance and care, such as bedridden and wheelchair-bound people and people with Alzheimer's disease. This area is relatively closed and requires professional staff for daily care, and is closely linked to medical services. The supporting facilities include memory rehabilitation room, physiotherapy rehabilitation room, etc., and the branch of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

The investment hotel in the project is targeted at elderly people on migratory bird vacations and is operated and managed by a hotel management company to meet their own vacation needs and also to obtain certain economic benefits. At the same time, this type of business also provides the convenience for home-based nursing care products to have relatives staying nearby, equipped with service facilities according to hotel standards, enjoying hotel-style services, and closely connected with supporting businesses, which is the most active area in the whole demonstration area.

The project is dedicated to the connotation of "Chinese style retirement property", and references the Chinese Taoist philosophy of "the unity of heaven and man" and "the Tao of nature". The project not only draws on and evolves the elements of the architecture, but also refers to the medical and health care treatment with Chinese characteristics: the concept of Chinese medicine 'health care' is introduced into the community services, relying on natural resources such as hot springs and mountains and forests, with hot springs health care, sports, rehabilitation and health care, leisure and vacation as the leading, ecological tourism and cultural entertainment as the auxiliary, and highly intelligent management as the support. The project aims to create a new senior citizen real estate model with international standard and Asia's first-class multi-interaction, excellent ecology and unique charm, which is a trinity of senior citizen, health care and vacation.

The building shape follows the principle of "Taoism and Nature", feeling the charm of the mountains and forests, incorporating the gene of nurturing growth, and dividing the relatively bulky building volume so that it grows like a cluster of trees from the base, with some only showing their sharp corners and others standing up and slender, each blooming at the top, reflecting the vigorous group power. The void of the volume is as smooth as a waterfall, flowing from the top to the bottom into the winding pools, roads and greenery on the base. The building and the environment are organically integrated, just like one, in pursuit of the perfect realm of "unity of heaven and man".
The building complex should not only be combined with landscape greening, but also closely cooperate with lighting, so as to create a "leafy vein" stretching at night and a pool of "Qiongtai dewdrop" nourishing the waves.

Haiyun Senior University is funded by Haiyun Group and aims to focus on the needs of "self-actualization" and "love and belonging" in the lives of senior owners. Elderly owners can choose courses according to their hobbies and interests or develop their own hobbies according to the teaching plan of Haiyun Senior University.

Haiyun Senior University is committed to establishing its own circle for senior owners, so that each senior owner can "learn, do and enjoy their old age", and at the same time cultivate community leaders and mobilize the active atmosphere of the community. 

In the Haiyun project community, what the owners own is not only a property, but also the attention of Haiyun Group from top to bottom! There are nutritional meal classes that focus on the health of the elderly, and the elderly owners regain their old school days in the classroom; there are electronic technology teaching such as computer and WeChat, and the elderly owners keep up with the times and become fashionable elderly who keep up with the development of the times; there are social dance and Taijiquan, and the collision of cheerfulness and gentleness always brings people into a comfortable state of relaxation; there are billiards and ping-pong PK, and the splashing of sweat makes The elderly are refreshed with youthful vigor.

In addition to classroom-style activities, Haiyun Senior University has also established various associations according to the different interests of senior owners: photography association, calligraphy association, fishing association, badminton association, cycling association and so on. The associations are in close communication with each other, and there are constant activities. Haiyun Senior University will also plan a cultural week to show the style of each association. The TCM Health Care and Taijiquan training courses are held by the Haiyun Group Senior Citizens' University, with the purpose of rewarding service owners, enriching cultural life and promoting physical and mental health, so that owners can really feel the care of Haiyun.

Land AREA: 750,000 square meters

Total GFA: 175,000 square meters
Site Location: Sanya, Hainan
Function: Demonstration area for home-style, hotel-style and nursing care elderly products. 
Status: Under Construction

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