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海棠湾游艇酒店 - Haitang Bay Yacht Hotel

Sanya, China


总建筑面积:25 万平米







Beautiful coastal mountains give way to the sand and sea. This contemporary design collects the strong mountain forms and the fluid nature of the water and brings them together to provide a resort that is exciting and dynamic yet it remains in relaxing harmony with the surrounding environment.  



We focused on enhancing nature to maximize return on the development investment for our client while creating a memorable guest experience for all visitors whether they arrive by car, bus, or yacht.  

At BAI Design International we use 3D planning and design, blending function into the form as it is created.  Spending time at the site to absorb and analyze the natural experience and wonder of this location.  We are then able to overlay our years of experience to maximize the potential of this stunning site.

The fluid forms provide multiple openings that maintain views and wind patterns within the area. The tree lined boulevard is on axis with the open air entrance and lobby that leads to the water features and plazas with breathtaking views of the bay.  Lush landscaped areas and walkways lead to the open saltwater pool and sparkling beaches. 

2588 Luxury Units, Exclusive Waterfront Villas, Yacht Moorings, Spa, Gym, Specialty Restaurants and High-End Retail all add to the luxury of this international class resort.



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