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Hot Spring Hotel,Sanya,China

The design of the project focuses on the landscape view needs of the vacationers, and the folded buildings are arranged at different angles along the road, so that each household has a good landscape view to meet the view needs. 

The building volume also produces rich visual effects due to the change of angles, and the cascading unfolding along the road into the park creates a unique cluster of business cards.

The project also takes advantage of the height difference of the terrain, and the service facilities equipped by the five-star hotel are unfolded along the street, while the landscape of the park is created on its roof, separating the inner and outer movement and the service flow from the passenger flow, which is convenient for operation and management. 

The interior of the landscape in the whole area is designed to be barrier-free to create an elderly-friendly hotel building. Medical, pension and health care, entertainment and catering services are based on the pension and health care resort experience hall to achieve effective use of resources and intensive sharing.

Land area: 130,655 square meters

Total GFA: 200,000 square meters

Site Location: Sanya, Hainan

Function: Hotel-style retirement and wellness products

Status: Project 7# (60,000 square meters) was completed and delivered in 2016

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