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Shangrao Building Industry Technology Museum

Shangrao Building-Tech Experience Centre is located at the intersection of Fenghuang Avenue and Zhanqian Avenue, with a building area of 1600 square meters. 

This project provides experience interface of building industrial chain for the future Shangrao Building-Tech park project, showing the progress of the construction industry technology, the changes of the technology era, and the vision of the future architecture.

The 360-degree circular display center embraces the whole world and gathers the wisdom and potential of the Building-Tech park project, and also with the view of the construction site, transforming the entire park into a visionary and successful starting point.

The display circulation planned with an interactive experience-style to surround the sand table in the centre, along the path through VR display of construction process, building-tech interactive zone, multimedia ring-screen, etc. Step by step to ramp up to the upper level to present the high-speed rail park, entrepreneurial park with magnificent landscape.

The apex of the ring path surrounds a clear water, panoramically reflecting the sky,the earth and the entire development. The 8-meter-diameter transparent plate in the water introduces light into the exhibition area, connecting the inside and the outside as a timeline. 

The entire space creates a dialogue between technology and time and space, telling the world from the inside out, every minute is evolving.

The exhibition center will serve as a demonstration of fully-assembled buildings and adopt green and environmentally-friendly building materials to fully demonstrate the new functions of energy-saving emission reduction, resource conservation and green low-carbon development of new building materials.

Total GFA: 466,000 square meters
Site Location: Shangrao, Jiangxi
Function: Experience Space
Status:  Project Completed

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