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Beijing Great Wall Hotel Renovation, China

The Great Wall Hotel, as a memory of an era, symbolizes the open policy and the future. The Great Wall Hotel of that era, opened up the world and lit up our eyes, we now give the world a surprise, from Made in China to Designed in China. 

The Great Wall Hotel stands in the "international" window of the embassy district of the East Third Ring Road, and the design concept introduces Chinese historical and cultural elements and simple philosophical ideas as the carrier of the new era of architecture.

Building renovation design concept.

The progress of technology and the change of times indicate the direction of the development of architecture. While we adopt the most cutting-edge technology to create a trans-generational architecture, we also hope to integrate the long-standing Chinese historical connotation and simple philosophical ideas into it, introduce cultural carriers, and inherit the building as a continuation of the city's cultural lineage.

Integrated urban shared space.

The Great Wall Hotel building has a unique site area with a low utilization rate in the current situation. Through the renovation to open up each street frontage, it can fully create a community neighborhood complex integrating culture, life, service, leisure, entertainment, health, sharing and green ecology.

Building function.

Combined with the introduction of the community cultural function, the design concept strengthens the cultural heritage and connotation, updates the aging single mirror curtain wall into a transparent and changeable glass curtain wall, updates the original closed state of the street into the release of the dynamic function, and updates the presentation of the façade to the release of the cultural connotation from the inside out. 

The architectural narrative is used to convey the message of cultural confidence and the "heart of China" that is spoken from the inside out.

High Mountain and Flowing Water

The elephant is shapeless, the sound is loud

Inspired by ink and landscape paintings, the building is shaped by the "form" of vigorous and changeable and the "spirit" of continuous connection, as if it were a natural flow of the landscape.

The curtain wall of the building facade will be renewed from the current mirrored, closed, opaque, obsolete and light pollution to a new urban benchmark that shows cultural connotation, openness, permeability, energy saving and environmental protection.


Introduction of traditional Chinese gardening culture: In traditional culture, "architecture" is included as part of "garden", and architecture and garden are closely related, which is our unique cultural nature in space philosophy. 

We hope to break the spatial pattern, and have a view from both inside and outside, and introduce the heritage of garden culture as the cultural carrier of architecture from the traditional simple philosophy, and make it related, which is also tangential to transform the new function and give cultural meaning.

Total GFA: 80,000 square meters
Site Location: Beijing, China
Function: Hotel 
Status: Under design

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