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Mix-used Residential Development at Wanshou Road, Beijing

The overall planning strives to balance urban prosperity and residential home tranquility, strengthening the design quality from five aspects: "respect, ritual, rui, elegance, and quiet", creating a "modern habitat, moody oriental" secret elegant garden, creating a garden, poetic dwelling.

The overall planning of the project uses Chinese gardening techniques, with the ritual sequence in the front and the courtyard scene in the back, with a gradual progression of the sequence, carefully creating the triple realm of "viewing the pavilion", "exploring the garden" and "enjoying the courtyard".

The landscape of the residential area highlights the charm of the Chinese courtyard, focusing on the ritual of the traditional garden space, from the gate - the opposite view (shade wall) - the main courtyard (secondary courtyard) - the private courtyard layer by layer, precipitating the humanistic spirit.

Inspired by the ink landscape paintings of high mountains and flowing water, we shape the spatial layout and architectural form as if the landscape is as smooth as nature with the "shape" of Thucydides and the "God" of continuous connection. In the design of Chinese garden architecture, we pay attention to the harmony and unity of man and nature, and focus on the beauty of nature, in order to achieve the artistic effect of gradual improvement, seeing the big in the small, and moving the scenery.

The residential shape is based on the new Chinese style, and the vertical direction adopts the traditional three-stage style: the near-person scale is built with a Chinese translucent window enclosure + horizontal metal awning to build a calm and dry base; the mid-section details are decorated with metal trimmed stone walls to highlight the firm vertical lines more.

The top is in the classical style of receding platform + metal slope roof, in line with the traditional Chinese architectural treatment of the top. The overall architecture is calm and tranquil, and the details, materials and craftsmanship are crafted with artwork to make the home last for a long time.

Total GFA: 12,500 square meters
Site Location: Beijing, China
Function: Residential、 Commercial office 
Status: Under design

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