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Rongcheng Freedom Bay Community Urban Design

The project is located along Sanggou Bay in Rongcheng City, Shandong Peninsula, close to the shore of Sakura Lake, with a view of the lake in the west and the sea in the east, with unique natural landscape resources.

Unlike many closed communities in the surrounding development, we hope to make the whole area a natural ecological and open "urban park community", "wisdom + exploration + sharing" is the starting point of our design.

We draw inspiration from its unique geographical location and natural resources, follow the ecological priority and people-oriented design concept, and extract the petals and islands to form the "water town" cultural and tourism residential group.

In order to activate the articulation of urban nature and culture, three open and vibrant green corridors are introduced in the planning, connecting the blue and green ecology of the lake and the sea visually and in terms of urban supporting functions.

Showing multi-level open space, realizing the soft overlap between the edge of the waterfront and the urban open space, and the integration of the community and the natural landscape

With the goal of "green life, ecology and nature", it is people-oriented and adjacent to nature and parks. Combined with the local humanities and climate, it forms an innovative green urban texture, allowing life to return to nature.

Total GFA: 923,000 square meters

Client: CRRC Corporation Limited

Site Location: Rongcheng, Shandong

Status: Under Construction

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