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Rongcheng Freedom Bay Community Centre

As the easternmost city of Shandong Peninsula, Rongcheng has its unique geographical advantages and natural landscape resources.  How to improve the uniqueness and artistry of urban public space with the power of the project, to bring residents a more cultural living environment, to shape the character and sense of belonging of the city has become the main topic of design.

The project is located between Sakura Lake and Sanggou Bay, with a view of the lake in the west and the sea in the east, integrates exceptional natural landscape resources.  The design weakens the form of the building, and turns the geometric form into the viewfinder of nature, framing the beauty of nature and the city.  

The highly reflective façade materials echo the changes of the surrounding environment at different times of the day. Presents different lusters and projects the subtle change of nature on the building. The water-ripple patterned ceiling reflects the Sakura Lake and establishes an emotional connection with nature.

The building and outdoor theater are integrated into the natural environment of the lakeside. Sakura Lake is as painting and backdrop for community activities.  Whether people stop or pass by, they can always feel the harmony between the city and nature. 

The design concept of "HOMMUNITY" (HOME+COMMUNITY) is reflected in all aspects of the building's functions. The project composes exhibition space, communication space, bookstore, restaurant and other supporting facilities for a complete community amenities.

We hope that the architecture can meet the diverse needs of community life in actual operation, make it becomes an interface that reflects the daily life of the surrounding residents, creates a new order of public space scenes, a multifaceted leisure and cultural center shared by all.

As architects, we believe that an excellent architectural design can influence the economic and cultural development of its area, and lead to better environmental and social management, helping local residents to create a better way of life. 

A truly symbiotic architecture with nature is not only about nature itself, but also about the mutual relationship between people and nature in the urban environment.

Total GFA: 2289 square meters

Site Location: Rongcheng, Shandong

Function: Museum

Status: Completed in 2021

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