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Pattaya Diamond Coast Resort

We imagine the architecture is a space open to nature, and this kind of borderless permeability relates our perception of nature into the experience, enabling the coexistence of architecture and the outside world, as well as human and the ocean.    

Answers the terrain condition that the site gradually becomes higher from northwest to southeast, the design uses the height difference to raise the building layer by layer, which responds to the perspective law and fills the building with rhythm and movement.  

The pure white architecture which contoured with natural lines, like the marks on the beach where the tide rises and falls, creates soft and flowing lines that blur the boundary with nature. 

The lower part of architecture is elevated off the ground and bring the nature, enclose a lush green valley, and subtly transforms the vast ocean background into interior between the buildings.  The architecture floats in the shimmering water like a minimalist poetry floating in a coastal greenwood.  

Looking up from the green Valley, people can see the transparent and clear "Water Cube" in the sky. The vertical integration of sea and sky brings tourist the ultimate experience.  

Bring nature into the architecture to expand the perceptual boundary, the richness of internal and external integration will bring different feelings. 

We wanted the design to replace the building with a scene, responding in an open way to the natural conditions and cultural feelings of the site.  Place yourself here, feel the stillness of time and enjoy the artistic conception, people's yearning for nature and purity integrate into the romantic island life.  

Total GFA: 70,000 square meters

Site Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Function: Hotel

Status: Under design

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