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Private Beach Club in Pattaya, Thailand

Located in Pattaya, Thailand, the project is a leisure resort hotel with a private beach club and hotel apartments. It covers an area of 13,190m² with a Gross Floor Area of 78,200 m².

Be minimalist is in orderto express more and leave more space. The pure white architecture which contoured with natural lines, like the marks on the beach where the tide rises and falls, creates soft and flowing lines that blur the boundary with nature.

Bring nature into the architecture to expand the perceptual boundary, the richness of internal and external integration will bring different feelings.

We want supersede architecture with scene, responds in an open way to the natural conditions and cultural feelings of the site.  Place yourself here,feel the stillness of time and enjoy the artistic conception, people's yearning for nature and purity integrate into the romantic island life.

Project: Private Beach Club in Pattaya, Thailand


Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Program: High-end Club

Design: BAI Design International Limited (BAIDI)

Principal architect: BAI Yu

Design team: Zhao Jing, Feng Na, Zhu Jieyu, Lian Lili

Total GFA: 1468.70㎡

Design: 2020.06-Current

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