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International Finance Forum (IFF) Permanent Conference Site

Our concept for the International Finance Forum (IFF) Permanent Conference Site is “Greater Bay’s Cloud Mountain and Pearl River”; task to reflex its Nature and culture’s character.

The project composes of three major parts of multi-purpose international conference center complex, 5 star plus international guest hotel and VIP guest villa. The total gross construction floor area is about 300k square meter on a 200k square meter site.

The masterplan aims to miniature the nature form of the Grand Pearl River Delta Bay, extend the Nansha Pearl Bay Financial Island CBD’s urban axis, connecting marine-front park and its plaza, to reinforce an echo of “all rivers flow to the sea and connect to the whole world”.

Contract to a traditional mono-propose conference center complex, the design of our proposal for the IFF Permanent Conference Site will aim to create a multi-purpose conference, entertainment, urban-live complex “central park”.

 A destination not only for hosting the IFF conference events, but also be opened for public for other urban events like exhibition, entertainment and leisure.

The site will be largely designed as a part of a public park which allows the public easily to access and all the facilities easily to be converted multiple events. It will have its legacy of a true heat of the public daily destination to a New CBD.

Planning AREA: 250,000 square meters

Total GFA: 320,000 square meters

Site Location: Nansha, Guangzhou

Function: Exhibition Hall

Status: Under design

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