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大家保险 · 北京阜外城心养老社区 (金都假日酒店改造)
Dajia Insurance - Fuchengmen Continuing Care Retirement Community 

The urban renewal project of Holiday Inn Beijing Fuchengmen Jindu is financed by Grand Metropolitan Insurance, relying on the superior geographic location of the city center and the surrounding high-quality medical resources to create a high-quality flagship city center retirement community in the city center. 

The design integrates nature into the site with the concept of three-dimensional garden, just like a missing piece of the puzzle harmoniously returning to the city, creating a unique health super IP with garden-style recreation.

Total GFA: 40,000 square meters

Site Location: Beijing, China

Client:Dajia Insurance Group Co. Ltd / Beijing Shouhou Health Fucheng Retirement Co. Ltd.

Function: CCRC Community 

Status: Under Construction

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