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Midea Heyou International Hospital

The project is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with a total GFA of about 380,000㎡, a planned inpatient capacity of 1,500 beds, and a daily outpatient capacity of up to about 6,500 people. The hospital will serve as a medical center for the city and its surrounding areas in the future, targeting the whole population, applicable to the whole life cycle and covering the whole medical spectrum.

The design is inspired by the waterways and landscape, from which we want to create a garden hospital that coexists with nature. Nurture and growth are some of the most fascinating topics in nature. We want to let the building grows out of the conventional framework of the city and to create a unique experience, like visiting a public health garden.

The main façade of the building unfolds along the water to its south, as a drop of water that rises from the surface, creating a new dialogue between the building and the landscape, establishing an emotional and cultural connection. 

The façade system adopts the high-tech approach of dia-grid structure, and its unique appearance brings recognition, in line with its iconic role in the medical and health sector.

A variety of developed technical means and materials from domestic and abroad are adopted to reduce energy consumption, creating a true zero-carbon energy-saving urban communal room where energy-saving and health care strategies co-exist.

The roof is integrated with the curtain wall system converting photovoltaic/solar energy, signifying the idea of technology going back to nature while balancing part of the building's energy consumption.

Total GFA: 580,000 square meters

Site Location: Shunde, Guangdong

Function: Healthcare

Status: Under Construction

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