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和祐国际医院 室内设计  
Heyou International Hospital-Interior Design

The entrance hall is a "public health communal room of the city" that fully integrates new construction technology and energy-saving strategies. In terms of this large scale building, we think about the interior space in an urban scale, making it part of the city. Using an inside-outside design approach, we want to present an open, shared and health-oriented urban public communal space. 

The Medical Mall will become a trend in the development of hospitals in the future. While ensuring that the medical function itself is safe and forward-looking, we want to weaken the boundaries and make the medical building more friendly, accessible and integrated with the city and people's lives, which is why we have proposed the concept of "urban health communal room" in this project.

The masterplan introduces the philosophy of traditional Chinese gardens, with each building facing the central courtyard garden, giving a sense of enclosure, connecting different medical functions and distributing pedestrian flow, and unfolding horizontal and vertical landscape corridors, skylights, and multiple levels of sky gardens.

The spatial planning adopts horizontal and vertical landscape axis to open up views and to create a main medical corridor with green axis as visual guides, making the large medical building block more accessible, and activating the healing power of the space at the same time.

The entrance lobby introduces sunlight and blue sky, and under the guidance of green corridor, it connects the outpatient area, medical technology area and inpatient area. Based on the "traffic distribution" strategy of transportation buildings and the "multiple ground floor" strategy of commercial buildings, we have arranged a simple and clear circulation for patients, their families and medical staff.

We believe that a good hospital should reflect "doctor-patient synergy" and build a trustful relation between both. We want the hospital to be a community centre where health is the common goal.

Land area: 350,000 square meters

Total GFA: 220,000 square meters

Site Location: Foshan, Guangdong

Function: Health Care Building   

Status: Under Construction

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