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International Medical Centre

International Medical Center (IMC) has a total of 9 floors of 100VIP beds, with a total floor area of 22656 square meters.  Located in the quietest area of the whole site, close to the winding water system in the southeast and with the most open landscape vision, it will be designed as an independent courtyard building, connected with the medical technology area of the comprehensive building by the overhead corridor bridge.  

Through the leading digital system, provide to customers with "prevention - treatment - rehabilitation - health promotion" as the cycle of "life cycle health management" service process.

Propose “Scenic city” as design concept, not only about nature itself, but also hope to realize the vision of symbiosis between human and nature, as well as the relationship with Shunde's urban context, with emotional and cultural resonance. 

The architecture presents natural form, creates soft and flowing lines as the river shapes the space, and surrounding the courtyards. We vision architecture not as the result, but the origin of urban growth, and the starting point of health and future.

The functions of each floor of the International Medical Center are distributed as following: The first floor is equipped with VIP reception, physical examination center and health management center, providing high-end customers with life-cycle health management including prevention, diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation through the leading digital system.  On the second floor of 3198 square meters, we set up an exclusive high-end medical outpatient area to provide private doctors' services for members.  

As standard floors, the floor area of three to eight levels is 2228.3 square meters, layout for the international medical ward and LDPR four-one family delivery room, provides rehabilitation training, neighborhood space, courtyard and business center and other perfect supporting experience, to meet the physical and psychological needs of each patient.  

The VIP suite on level nine is the prime of the International Medical Center, 2228.3 ㎡space equipped with living room, dining room, study, tea room, bedroom, security room and a complete set of emergency medical equipment and medical suite. Also takes into account the family bedroom, entertainment facilities and business meeting area. Fulfill the demands of medical treatment, life and business requirements of valued client.

Each functional area is connected by a courtyard. There is not only a private outdoor SPA and swimming pool, but also a large balcony with a wide view. Client can overlook the south river and golf course here, enjoy the beauty of nature and gorgeous scenery.  

Total GFA: 23058.03 square meters

Site Location: Shunde, Guangdong

Function: Health care building

Status: Under Construction

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