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Hartman University Town and Resort, Grenada

The Hartman University Town and Resort in Grenada is located in the southeast Caribbean Sea, adjacent to the Caribbean Sea and Mt. Hartman National Park. It will be the largest eco-university town in Grenada with an ecological institute, international education campus, medical centre, commercial and recreational facilities.

Through proactive ecological management and development, the site will be transformed into a treasure trove, creating an educational and cultural centre that reflects the highest standards of ecological design.

The design takes full account of the conservation of the surrounding natural environment, enhancing and protecting the existing Grenada dove habitat and marine resources through sustainable development measures such as wetland management and mangrove ecological optimisation.

The building form is planned to make full use of natural ventilation and natural lighting as the starting point, forming its own microclimate. The introduction of integrated solar photovoltaic curtain wall power generation technology, combined with a ground source heat pump system, enables effective conversion between light, electricity and geothermal energy, creating a true zero-carbon, energy-saving urban living room, storing energy for the town‘s power and solving the problem of local power shortage.

Through place-making, we hope to maximise the ecological value while allowing the university town to inject a different social element into the area.

With diverse spatial planning and a complex functional environment, overlapping synergistic benefits to give the area a sustainable development appeal, and a highly recognisable area character, friendly pedestrian space, and an excellent marine ecological environment to provide a dynamic working and living space for citizens to operate in an orderly manner, a unique experience for visitors with a diverse maritime culture.

Planning AREA: 1800,000 square meters

Total GFA: 1560,000 square meters

Site Location: Hartman, Grenada

Function: Urban Planning

Status: Under design

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