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Sanxingdui Archaeological Museum

Sanxingdui Museum is located in the Archaeological Park and has a floor area of 35,000㎡ , which will house the current and future excavations.

We hope that the new Sanxingdui Museum will be a journey of discovery and experience of the past and present. The design adopts a 'scene instead of building' approach, unveiling the story of the once mysterious existence and disappearance of the Sanxingdui through a spatial narrative.

The building is 'hidden' and 'revealed', returning to history and the natural context of the site in its closest form to the earth.The raised exhibition hall frees up public space, preserves the current water surface, opens up a visual corridor between the archaeological park and the surrounding natural landscape, and brings the lost civilisation of the ancient Shu Kingdom back to the urban scale.

As a cultural container, the building conveys the symbolic meaning of "sleeping for thousands of years and waking up to the world", creating a "national treasure" and a "super cultural IP" through the eyes of the Sanxingdui.

The excavation of gold artefacts, such as gold staffs and golden masks, shows that the ancient Shu civilisation worshiped gold, so we have also established the material of architectural expression, creating a "spiritual environment" for the architecture on site.

The progress of the times, the development of technology, indicates the direction of the building's development. The design adopts an innovative spatial mesh shell structure system, and the three stacked bases meet the structural form without columns, maximising the space in the exhibition hall to meet the needs of new archaeological discoveries and changing exhibitions.

Planning AREA: 353,000 square meters

Total GFA: 42,900 square meters

Site Location: Guanghan, Sichuan

Function: Museums, Visitor centers, Heritage parks

Status: Under design

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