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Shenzhen Bay Zhongxing Headquarters-Interior Design

The project is located in Shenzhen Bay Headquarters Base, Nanshan district, Shenzhen. Adjacent to Shenwan Station of Metro Line 9 in the north and Costal Avenue in the south. The concept of "Innovation, Integration, and Sustainability" is throughout the whole project.

We infuse the oriental philosophy with traditional gardening culture into the most futuristic office space, forming the "garden-style headquarters office" which is bred, grown and co-existing with nature, creates the next international benchmark of digital innovation.

High-tech tectonics like river shaping the space, like network connecting the world, like digital drawing the future. The atrium makes extreme visual impact of science and technology, with the unique appearance of the discernment to create a distinct identification card in the corporation headquarters field.

The atrium takes root downward and opens to the sun, creates a unique digital rain forest, Parametric digital programming design is adopted to achieve the best acoustic environment, while presenting a vitality and flexible magnetic lines.

In space, adhering the concept of “Science and Technology returning to nature”, the oriented garden culture office is implanted in the form of “Green core” and “Green valley” in the open atrium which is about 1500㎡on each floor. The "spiritual environment" of corporation culture is shaped through the space.

Comprehend the spatial relations from the perspective of beyond the architecture is the premise of customized spatial strategy for enterprise. The concept of Chinese landscape is introduced into each floor. The central is city garden, forms a block-like neighborhood unit and connected by vegetated corridors. Integrates the concept of Club Office into each unit partition. Make the monotonous office space become full of variety.

Central Park, beach bike plaza, tennis club, meditation rooms, DIY farm, school, library, post office, cafe and other activities make the office like a miniature city. Working zone carries various and dynamic social functions. More communication and exchanges can improve the efficiency of employees and make the enterprise more integrated. 

We want to create a "whole-age, whole-time and whole-season" park with humanistic care and healing functions.  Work and nature, garden and office are integrated and corresponded here. Zhongxing headquarters is not only a place for office and study, but also a friendly and opened communal space.

Total GFA: 190,000 square meters

Site Location: Shenzhen, China

Function: Commercial Office

Status: Under design

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